Office Paper Recycling Bin - Pallet of 400 (£4.76 per bin)

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The Office Paper Recycling Bin is a must-have for any environmentally conscious workplace. Priced at just £4.76 per bin, this product is not only affordable but also delivered on a pallet for easy unloading. Made from recycled biodegradable fluted board, these Green Office Waste paper Recycling Bins are as sustainable as they are practical. When it comes to recycling, presentation is key. That's why these bins are designed with communication and participation in mind. Many recycling schemes fail because they lack engagement from participants. With the Office Paper Recycling Bin, you can avoid this pitfall and create a workspace that encourages recycling. Say goodbye to the 'brown cardboard box' in the corner of the room and hello to a more organized and eco-friendly office environment. Order your pallet of 400 bins today and make a positive impact on the planet while boosting your company's green initiatives.

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£4.76 per bin