Kitchen Pedal Bin Liners Tough Clear - 1 roll of 50 (£20.00 per roll) 30 litres

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Our Super Tough Kitchen Pedal Bin Liners Tough Clear are perfect for all your recycling needs. Each roll contains 50 heavy-duty clear bin liners that are designed to fit round bins with a diameter of 300mm or square bins with a diameter of 180mm, and a height of 700mm. Not only are these bin liners tough and reusable, they are also environmentally friendly. Made from a by-product of petrol refining (Ethylene), these liners require less energy to manufacture compared to recycled liners. The clear nature of these liners ensures that any recycled waste is easily identified, making it clear that you are doing your part for the environment. The convenience of these bin liners is unmatched, as they come on a continuous roll with tear-off perforations for easy dispensing and storage. Plus, unlike biodegradable liners, these polythene liners can be recycled, further reducing waste. Designed and manufactured in the UK, these bin liners are a sustainable choice for your recycling needs, us with 30 litre kitchen pedal bins and Brabantia touch bins. Make the eco-friendly choice with our Kitchen Pedal Bin Liners Tough Clear - a simple way to make a big impact on the environment.