Heavy Duty Strong Office Twin Bin Recycling - 1 Pack of 1

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Introducing the Heavy Duty Strong Office Twin Bin Recycling, the ultimate solution for efficient waste management in any office setting. This 1 pack of 1 bin is equipped with twin 2 compartments, allowing you to easily separate and store various materials for recycling. The drop out base feature reduces back strain by enabling full loads to be easily accessed for removal. Customised label suggestions are provided, giving you the flexibility to personalize your recycling initiative. Ideal for waste PPE and hygienic wet wipe recycling, this high volume bin is a must-have for any office environment. For added convenience, optional Office Bin Liners are available, or choose the double capacity Office Twin Bin for even greater storage capacity. The Office Twin Recycling Bin is designed with blank 'identity' panels on the lid, allowing you to customize and adapt the recycling process to meet your specific needs. The patented drop out base ensures easy access to full loads, making it effortless to remove the contents when needed. Re-usable Big Bin liners are also available, offering a practical solution for waste removal. Whether used in a commercial office space or at home, the Heavy Duty Strong Office Twin Bin Recycling is a versatile and efficient option for managing your recycling needs. Keep your workspace clean and organized with this innovative recycling solution.