Heavy Duty Strong Office Twin Bin Recycling - 1 Pack of 1

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Heavy Duty Office Twin Bin for Recycling with Twin 2 compartments and drop out base for reduced back strain - Customised label suggestions supplied - Ideal for waste PPE and Hygienic Wet Wipe Recycling. 

High Volume Bin Office Recycling Bins with optional Office Bin Liners or use our double capacity Office Twin Bin - also see our Big Bin Liners to fit the Office Twin Bin

Office Twin Recycling Bin There are two compartments for the storage and separation of various materials of your choice. The blank ‘identity’ panels at the front of the lid enable the recycling initiative to be flexible and customised to your own specific requirements using the labels supplied. The patented ‘drop out base’ allows full loads to be accessed by lifting the body of the bin unit in an upward direction, leaving the full sack in the base ready for removal. Optional (Big Bin) re-usable liners facilitate easy removal of the contents, whilst the ‘see through feature’ of the liners allows clear identification of the bin contents once removed. Also ideal for high volume domestic recycling, keep in the garage or out house