Green Bin Office Bin Liner Clear Bag Sacks - 10 Packs of 50

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Upgrade your office recycling game with these Green Bin Office Bin Liner Clear Bag Sacks! Each pack contains 10 rolls of 50 heavy-duty, clear bin liners that are perfect for use in your office recycling bins. The clear design of these liners makes it easy to identify and separate recycled waste from landfill waste, promoting a more sustainable and eco-friendly work environment. Made from a by-product of petrol refining, these liners require less energy to manufacture compared to recycled liners, and they can also be recycled themselves. With tear-off perforations for convenient dispensing and storage, these re-usable bin liners are a practical and environmentally friendly choice for your office. Compatible with Green Office Paper Recycling Bins and Slim Jim 60 litre Recycling Bins, these bin liners are a must-have for any office looking to reduce its environmental impact. Elevate your office recycling efforts with Green Bin Office Bin Liner Clear Bag Sacks!

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