Big Bin Liners - 10 Packs of 50

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The Big Bin Liners - 10 Packs of 50 are a cost-effective solution for your recycling needs. At just £26.73 per roll of 50 liners, these heavy-duty bin bags offer great value for money. Made from clear polythene, these liners are perfect for identifying and separating recycled waste from landfill waste. The tear-off perforations make it easy to dispense and store these reusable liners, ensuring convenience and efficiency. Manufactured from ethylene, a by-product of petrol refining, these liners are not only durable but also eco-friendly. Plus, unlike biodegradable liners, these polythene liners can be recycled, making them a sustainable choice for your recycling bins. Compatible with Big Bin, Office Twin Bin, and Slim Jim 87 litre Recycling Bin, these liners are versatile and practical for a variety of settings. Upgrade your recycling routine with the Big Bin Liners - 10 Packs of 50 today.

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£29.70 per 50