Confidential Office Bins

Confidential Office Bins

Separate your secure waste from your recycled and landfill waste. Clearly marked as Confidential Waste with an elliptical shaped hole.

 Size: 677mm H x 360mm W

Capacity: 60 litres

Material: 80% Recycled Corrugated Board

Sustainable Source: Yes

Biodegradable: Yes

Recyclable: Yes

Manufactured in: UK Manufacturing Miles: 99 miles


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Retail packs of 5 bins (£9.60 per bin) Confidential waste bin for the Office Environment - Flat Packed - Qty Discounts Available

Product no.: 11117-29868

Pallet of 100 bins (£4.97 per bin) Flat packed and made from recycled paper fibres - Qty Discounts Available