Multi Recycling Bin

Multi Recycling Bin

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All these products contain up to 70% recycled paper fibres

Three compartments for Cans, Plastic Bottles & Vending Cups.

Size: Front: 640mm (Rear 710mm) Width:800mm Depth: 390mm

Capacity: 3 x 60 litres Size: Height: 710mm Width: 800mm Depth: 390mm

Material: 80% Recycled Corrugated Board

Sustainable Source Yes

Biodegradable: Yes

Recycleable: Yes

Manufacturing Miles: 99

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Product no.: 402573 x 1 (£28.00 per pack of 50)

Green Bin Recycling Liners for the Office - tough, strong , re usable, 50 roll with tear offer perforations Ideal for Recycling PPE antispetic wet wipes