Deskside Recycling Bin

Deskside Recycling Bin

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This slimline desk Office recycling unit fits snugly at the end and beneath the lip of your desk, leaving minimum disruption to the ‘walk flow’ of the office. The four bin unit is held in place with one common lid and base, and can be used for the storage and separation of: Cans – Plastic – Paper – Waste

The patented ‘drop out base’ allow full loads to be accessed by lifting the body of the bin unit in an upward direction, leaving the full bin liner in base ready for removal. The re-usable bin liners (deskside liners) facilitate easy removal of the contents, whilst the see through feature of the liners allows identification of the bin contents.


Size: 730mm W x 700mm H x 250mm D

Capacity: 80 litres (4 x 20 litres)

Material: 80% Recycled Corrugated Board

Sustainable Source: Yes

Biodegradable: Yes

Manufactured in: UK Manufacturing Miles: 99



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Product no.: DeskSideLiners1

£20.00 per roll of 50

Strong re-usable heavy duty recycling bin liner bag sacks - ona  roll with tear off perforations

Product no.: DesksideBin1A

Deskside Recycling Bin (Exclusive Internet Prices)


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Product no.: DesksideBin10

£18.00 per bin

Deskside Recycling Bins have 4 compartments for separation of waste streams