Why Recycle

Why should you recycle? 
Recycling at work makes good business sense because: 
  • It’s easy to set up and run 
  • It feels good to be involved 
  • It saves space and can reduce clutter 
  • It’s cost effective and could save you money 
  • It helps to protect the environment 
  • On average 60-80% of office waste is paper
What can you recycle?
  • You are probably producing the following wastes, which can be recycled:
  • Paper, including;
  • Office Paper (white high grade paper)
  • Mixed Paper (coloured paper, leaflets, envelopes, newspapers, 
  • magazines etc)
  • Confidential Paper (confidential shredding is offered by some 
  • recycling service providers whereby secured containers are 
  • provided and the waste is shredded on or off site and then 
  • recycled) 
  • Shredded Paper (some offices shred paper themselves but you 
  • will need to check with the recycling service provider if they 
  • accept shredded paper as it may depend upon how they handle 
  • the waste or who their end markets are)
  • Cardboard 
You may also be producing some:
Printer cartridges 
Plastic bottles 
Food and drink cans 
Electrical equipment 
How easy it is to get them recycled will depend on what services 
are offered in your area, and how much you produce.