Retail packs of 5 bins (£9.60 per bin) Confidential waste bin for the Office Environment - Flat Packed - Qty Discounts Available



Product no.: 11117-29868

Pallet of 100 bins (£4.97 per bin) Flat packed and made from recycled paper fibres - Qty Discounts Available

Product no.: ConfidentialTwinBin1

£18.67 per bin - Under Desk Confidential Office Bin for Separation of Office Waste for either Recycling and Confidential Waste

Product no.: ConfidentialTwinBin6
£12.60 per bin 2 compartment Office Recycling Bin for confidential and recycled waste, fits under desk to avoid office clutter
Product no.: ConfidentialTwinBin8

£10.71 per bin - Office Waste Security Bin - flat packed - made from recycled paper fibres - Two Compartments

Product no.: ConfidentialTwinBin2

£14.83 per bin Confidential Recycling Twin Bin for the separation of waste streams - made from recycled paper fibres 

Product no.: ConfidentialTwinBin10

£9.10 per bin

Confidential Waste Bin for separation of sensitive Office Waste - flat packed - made from recycled paper fibres